Empowering 21st Century Learners.


Our vision for Walker Gamble Elementary School is to provide an environment for students and faculty to strive for success in learning and preparing for the future in our community.


We Believe all students are individuals with unique needs and the ability to learn.

We Believe students deserve respect, acceptance, and encouragement.

We believe students should be provided a safe and comfortable environment that enhances learning.

We Believe education is the responsibility of the home, the school, and the community in order for students to demonstrate continuous improvement.

We Believe individuals are responsible for learning, for the choices they make, and their consequences.

We Believe moral and spiritual values are necessary for the complete development of the individual.

We Believe that students need to demonstrate problem solving skills and technological competence to achieve success in the 21st century.

We Believe in student centered learning.

We Believe that all students should be provided opportunities for technological, differentiated, and STEM- based learning.


Walker Gamble Elementary School was established in 1953 because of the desire and passion of Mr. and Mrs. Silas Walker, Jr. and Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Gamble. Mr. Walker and Mr. Gamble had a vision for African American children to have more educational opportunities. Both men provided their own land to construct what originally became Walker Gamble High School. Along with core classes, home economics, auto mechanics, landscaping, masonry, and steel and sheet metal classes were offered.

In 1956, the second portion of the school was constructed which included the gymnasium, an agricultural department and a music room. The school was also used to provide night classes for adults. In 1970, the school was integrated and renamed East Clarendon Middle School however due to the efforts of many in the New Zion community the original name was restored in the mid 1980's.

Alma Mater

4 years ago

Walker-Gamble School Alma Mater

Dear Walker Gamble,

We will al-ways honor you;

Oh, how we praise thee,

Our bright gold and blue.

In Whatever we choose to do;

We will never forget you;

Our dear School so true.


Walker Gamble High School,

We will ever be true to thee;

Walker Gamble High School,

We thank God for thee.

Where Shrubberies Tremble,

As the winds come passing by;

We will forever,

Wave our banners high.

May God's arm protect you,

As you stand so fond and true;

May His eyes watch over you,

Walker Gamble true.

R.M. Brown

Title One

Walker Gamble is a Title I school. Our school receives Federal funding for additional resources due to the high number of students from low income families. This funding is to help ensure that all students meet State academic standards. Parents have the right to inquire about their child's teachers qualifications.